CARUS offers you the utmost in bespoke safes: personal, detailed design, meeting the highest safety demands. All our made to measure luxury safes are a true alliance between high safety technology and the finest artisanry. Only the best is good enough to properly safeguard your properties.

Waldis Tresore is the number one Swiss safe manufacturer. Carus itself is based near the city of Diamonds: Antwerp, Belgium. There, in Herentals, we put all our training and experience to work to create safety masterpieces for demanding customers all over the world.

Every unique Carus Safe is made to measure and meets your highest personal demands, offering you paramount safety. Waldis Tresore, renowned for their shatterproof track record, provides the unbreakable safety technology. The design of every Carus Safe is refined, partnering the finest materials with a complex and utterly detailed finish.

Our head designer graduated cum laude from Art Academy Maastricht. As a product and jewellery designer he cooperated extensively with Dutch designer Maurice Mentjens. For famous gallery Mourmans he worked on studio pieces for Ron Arad and John Chamberlain, amongst others. He heads Carus with the intention, passion and knowledge to build safes that will surpass generations, safes that excel in both design and security.

First and foremost: a Carus Safe is trustworthy by offering the highest level of security. Every Waldis body and door are machine and hand crafted according to the internationally accredited EN1143/1 regulations. Both are armored with 65 mm thick Novicton, an in-house developed composite.

That’s why Carus exclusively offers 20 years warranty against break-in. Insurance companies worldwide will have your precious properties in a Carus Safe insured up to 1.000.000 CHF.

  • Internal hinges.
  • Gap free processing so the door can open 180 degrees.
  • No less than 8 anchor points for floors, walls and ceilings.
  • Electronic lock 'Paxos' which algorithm generates an abundance of 10.000.000 code combinations.
  • Seamlessly integratable with high-end 'silent' alarm systems.

A true Carus Safe is much more than an ultra-secure storage solution for precious watches, jewellery, antiques, artwork, documents, collectables and other beloved possessions. Each Carus Safe is custom built, completely according to the clients’ demands and wishes.

Our design department expertly translates your demands in elaborate and detailed 3D drawings. Only when you are completely satisfied with the ultimate design, we start crafting your unique Carus Safe.

Every aspect of a Carus Safe can and will meet your highest personal standards regarding:

  • Colour schemes
  • Layout
  • Internal lighting
  • Built-in drawers, shelves and cabinets
  • Dimensions
  • Coatings, varnishes, lacquers, surface and other finishing materials
  • Design details, such as exotic wood veneer, the finest leather, special metals and animal skins

For watch enthusiasts who are looking for an exclusive way to showcase their beloved items we have created our CARUS-winder series.

Whether you have one or multiple watches to show, CARUS presents a modular system which can be  extended while building your collection. We offer a variety of selected fine materials and surface finishes which allows to configure the watchwinder in your preferred ’made to match’ design.

The watchwinders are driven by german motion technology modules, guaranteeing for highest quality and perfect functionality. At CARUS, we create with passion for design, believe in craftsmanship and are dedicated to perfection which manifests in every detail of our products.

Please contact us for your bespoke CARUS-winder or CARUS-safe interpretation.

We deliver and install Carus Safes worldwide. Of course, there’s no need to emphasize that we handle your enquiries and commission with complete discreteness and personal care.

If you wish so, you can visit our production facilities and watch your unique Carus safe being designed, built and finished. We’ll be glad to make an appointment and welcome you for a personally guided tour at your convenience in Herentals, Belgium, Rümlang, Switzerland and/or our showroom in the financial district of Frankfurt, Germany.

Let us know how we can be of service and feel free to contact us for more information:

Diamantstraat 8
2200 Herentals, Belgium